Headshot package: ($200)


          Includes unlimited shots, two-three hours of shooting, some actors need more…some people need less and I’m not going to be counting the minutes, if we go over we do, whatever. What’s most important is really nailing the shot that gives your personality, brand, and style!


          This price includes five edited photos, proofs of all your photos in both large format (for editing purposes only should you like more edited) and smaller format (for websites and social media so they will load and use up less memory).


          Bring as many looks as you’d like! This is your time and I want you to spend it with whatever clothing options make you feel most confident. This is about defining your brands, remember to keep it pretty basic: color options are great but patterns can often be very distracting in most cases.


          I’m truly very flexible and want to use this time to your advantage, so if you want to blend some branding photos into your session and experiment with more full body shots or anything please let me know and I’m ready to create something that screams the essence of you!